These tools are intended to assist Neverwinter players. The tools are targeted at the PC release of the game, and may be out of sync with the Xbox and PS4 releases. However, items exclusive to the Xbox or PS4 releases are included.

Boon Builder This is a tool for selecting boons for your build. You can then save a link to that selection and share it with other players.
Dye Pack Comparer This is a tool for doing side-by-side comparisons of dye packs. Note that the base colour of your equipment determines the result of the dyeing.
Dye Sort This is a tool for sorting dye packs by luminance or hue.
Mount Insignia Bonuses This is a tool for finding which mounts can match which insignia bonuses.
Insignia Bonus Combos This is a tool for trying to match mount insignia bonuses when you have very few insignia. It's not useful once you have a lot of mount insignia.
Companion Bonding This is a tool for ranking companions. Setting any of the scores to -1 will exclude all companions that have that aspect. Note that the "Estimated Speed" is often quite wrong.
Auction Category Finder This is a tool for finding the correct category to search for items in the Auction House. It includes only a subset of items, mainly focusing on packs.
Feats Tool This is an alternative to's tool for feats. However, it shows only the PC release's feats.